About Reservation

Reservation Conditions ■Anyone under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs will be unable to participate, or will be expelled during the activity (no refund will be given).

■ If you are pregnant, or have symptoms (due to brain/heart disease, physical disability etc.) that will interfere with your experience, you will be unable to participate.

■ Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

■ It is necessary to complete the participation consent form and give to guide staff before activity begins.

■ Compensation for injury is limited to the following amounts:

Death/permanent injury: 5,000,000 yen

Ambulance/hospitalisation(per day)3,000 yen

Hospitalisation(per overnight)up to 5,000 yen

Points to note:

■ Reservation days and times may vary due to availability. Please check the reservation calendar for availability.

■ Reservation by phone is available until 5pm (Japan time) the day before the reservation date. Same day reservations are not possible.

■ Please pay the Safety Care fee (\300 per person) at the reception desk before the start of the activity (summer activities only).

■ If the activity is cancelled, it is possible to reschedule. Please apply for a reschedule via phone.

■ Those who may a reservation through their accommodation: to avoid double-booking, there is no need to apply using the reservation form. In the unlikely event that a double reservation is made, a prescribed cancellation fee will be charged.

■ For river and lake activities: please transfer the activity fee to the following bank account within one week from online payment or application date.

Bank transfer details

{Bank} Hachijuni Bank, Hakuba Branch,

{Account name} Pop Inc.

{Ordinary Account number} 109820

*As a precaution, please bring a copy of the transfer (a copy of the computer screen is acceptable) with you on the day of reservation.

Cancellation policy

■ In the event of cancellation due to customer’s convenience, the following cancellation fee will be charged:

6 – 2 days before the reservation date: 30% of booking fee.

The day before reservation date: 50% of booking fee.

On the day of reservation: 100% of booking fee.

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