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Official Brochure

  • Download 2019 Hakuba Lion Adventure Official Brochure(Japanese)(4 MB)
  • Download 2018 Hakuba Lion Adventure Official Brochure(English)(5.2 MB)

  • Educational and Group Brochure

  • Download 2018Hakuba Lion Adventure Educational and Group Brochure(Japanese)(5 MB)
  • Download 2016 Hakuba Lion Adventure Educational and Group Brochure(English)(2.9 MB)

  • Winter Brochure

  • Download 2019_20 Winter Official(English)(1.64 KB)
  • Download 2019_20 Rainbow Rental(English)(1.23 MB)

  • Educational and Group Reference

  • Download Safety Measures(Japanese)(926 KB)
  • Download Emergency Contact Number(Japanese)(102 KB)
  • Download School trip Experience Agreement(For School)(130 KB)
  • Download School trip Experience Agreement(For Parents)(132 KB)

  • Activity Photo

  • *The photos in the download can be used only for the purpose of publicizing Hakuba Lion Adventure.
  • *Please contact us in advance by e-mail [] when using it for printed materials and WEB.
  • *Copyright belongs to Hakuba Lion Adventure. You can use photo data, but Hakuba Lion Adventure does not waive copyright.
  • *Photo data can be processed or used as is, edited, edited, or used in tourism publications, sales promotion materials, or tourism publications. However, we do not allow the use of processing that is against public order and morals, or processing that significantly impairs the image of the subject.
  • *Photo data may be used, but duplicating, renting, or modifying or manufacturing or selling the photo alone or in a similar form is prohibited.
  • *Use of images is the responsibility of the user. Even if damages or disadvantages arise from the use of images, Hakuba Lion Adventure does not assume any responsibility for such damages or disadvantages.

  • Download Saigawa River Rafting(5.8 MB)
  • Download Saigawa River Hydro Speed(3.4 MB)
  • Download Saigawa River Ducky(2 MB)
  • Download Shower Walking(6.5 MB)
  • Download Azumino Shower Picnic(3.3 MB)
  • Download Lake Aoki Raft Picnic(3.4 MB)
  • Download Lake Aoki Kayak(324 KB)
  • Download Canadian canoe(1.1 MB)
  • Download Air Canoe Hire(1.3 MB)
  • Download Hot Air Balloon(2.6 MB)
  • Download Paraglider Trial(3.8 MB)
  • Download Paraglider Tandem Flight(1.5 MB)
  • Download Firefly Tour(819 KB)
  • Download E-boat SAKURA(1.5 MB)
  • Download Dog & Raft picnic(3.4 MB)
  • Download Dog and Air Canoe(517 KB)
  • Download Dog and balloon(996 KB)
  • Download E-boat Autumn(971 KB)
  • Download MTB Funride Autumn(1.8 MB)
  • Download Snowmobile Tour(1.6 MB)
  • Download Snow Rafting(613 KB)

  • Find activities

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