snowmobile tour

Snowmobile tour
信州の雄大な自然をバックにスノーモービルを楽しもう!普段なかなか味わうことのできない感覚をぜひ体験してみてください。Take a driving lesson and enjoy our tour while riding trough the foothills of the Japanese Alps. On our modern and comfortable snowmobiles, try out this new and exciting experience!



Snowmobiling and Snow Monkey Tour
Welcome to our Snow Monkey tour!. Tour schedule: pick up at your hotel around 7:10am, gathering and paying at our Lion Cafe, then departure for Shiga Kogen at around 7:40am. Arrival to the Snow Monkey park before 10am, leaving around 11:30 for lunch and doing the snowmobiling tour in the afternoon (cca 70 minutes, including changing and safety instructions). Leaving Shiga Kogen around 2:30 pm and back in Hakuba at around 5:15pm.



スノーラフティングは雪上でゴムボートに乗り、スノーモービルで引っ張って滑走する遊びです。アウトドアスポーツの中で、一番手軽でエキサイトなスポーツ?!雪煙を浴びながら、ウェーブ、パンク、ジャンプ台などが整備されたコース中を走りぬけるスリルをお楽しみいただけます。Snow rafting is a fun activity where You glide through the fields on a rubber boat pulled by a snowmobile. Among the outdoor sports one of the most easy and exciting one? Enjoy the thrill of flying through the snowfield with all its’ waves, bumps and jumps while taking fresh snow spray in the face.



Shinshu Heritage Tour
Don’t forget the city of Matsumoto and Omachi in Nagano Prefecture! Yes, Nagano is the mecca for winter sports, but this prefecture has many other spots travelers can enjoy, aside from the winter activities. Moreover, Matsumoto Castle has been ranked No.3 on Trip Advisor as the「Most Popular Travelling Destination」 in Japan, and No.2 on the「The Most Beautiful Castle in Japan」on Japanese traveling site. Let us show You the great historical city of Matsumoto and Omachi !



Winter is coming!

Hi everyone!!

Hope everybody is looking forward for the upcoming winter season!!
The Jalps are getting snow up the peak and we are all hoping to get a massive snowfalls this season. So far, so good.
We are happy to announce that we have started to welcome booking for our snowmobile adventure for 2017/2018 season.
Please always book this activity in advance!!!!

Please jump to this site for booking!!! ↓↓↓

Hakuba Lion Adventure
Snowmobile Team