Shinshu Heritage Tour

Back to the Samurai Period at Matsumoto and Omachi!
Nagano is the mecca of winter sports, but this area offers many other places that travelers can enjoy alongside winter activities. The Matsumoto Castle has been accredited third highest ranking on Trip Advisor for ‘The Most Popular Travelling Destination’ in Japan, and second as ‘The Most Beautiful Castle in Japan’. Our tour takes You to the Japanese paper factory, a traditional restaurant, the Matsumoto Castle and an ancient Salt Road museum. Let us show You the great historical cities of Matsumoto and Omachi and experience the Sengoku Warring States Period feel.

●Shinshu Heritage Tour Time Schedule

Time Schedule
7:45 〜 8:20 Pick up at your hotel
8:20 Departure from Hakuba
10:00 Matsumoto Castle
11:20 Lunch at ‘Hikariya-Higashi’ 〜 traditional Japanese restaurant
13:00 Departure from ‘Hikariya-Higashi’
13:30 Visit of the Suien Japanese Sake factory
14:00 Departure from the Suien Japanese Sake factory
15:00 ‘Matsuzaki Washi’ 〜 traditional Japanese paper factory
15:45 Departure from ‘Matsuzaki Washi’
16:00 Chojiya Salt Road Museum
16:45 Departure from the Chojiya Salt Road Museum
18:00 Arrival to Hakuba・Accommodation drop-off

Season End of December ~ Early March
7:45 ~ 8:20 (Pick up at your hotel in Hakuba)
18:00 〜18:30 (Accommodation drop-off)
Location Matsumoto and Omachi
Pricing ¥13,500 per person
Winter clothes, warm, comfortable walking boots
Tour fee includes: Entrance to Matsumoto Castle and Chojiya Museum, lunch, transport, Matsuzaki Washi paper crafting experiece
Phone Reservation: 0261-72-5061 e-mail
Reservations by e-mail
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Matsumoto Castle
■ Designated a National Treasure
■ Oldest castle in Japan which has never been broken down or caught on fire
■ One of the five castles in Japan that are maintained in the original condition since they were first built

‘Hikariya-Higashi’ traditional Japanese restaurant
■ This whole building used to be a warehouse (‘kura’ in Japanese), and is now designated an Important Cultural Property
■This building was renovated with a Japanese ( East Building ) and French
( West Building ) cuisine area

‘Matsuzaki Washi’
Japanese paper factory
■ Enjoy watching the process of traditional Japanese paper crafting
100% organic and natural
(和 ‘wa’ 〜 ‘japanese’ 紙 ‘shi’ 〜 ‘paper’)
■ You will have a chance to make one for yourself

Chojiya Salt Road Museum
■ In ancient Japan, salt was transported by porters from the Sea of Japan and Pacific Ocean into the mainland
■ This museum introduces various aspects of life of a Salt Road porter with
■ Optional crafts & traditional clothing experience