Paraglider                  ▶▶▶▶Japanese

Why not make a dream come true by flying in the skies by your own might?

Our paragliding half-day tour will teach You how to fly a paraglider on one of the ski resort slopes. Fly high and make some good summer memories.

●Half day course

AM Tour schedule
9:00 Meeting・Introduction and orientation
(please confirm the times when making a reservation)
Beginning of the course
11:40 End of the course
12:00 End of the tour

Season 27th of April ~ 20th of October in the morning hours
Meeting place

Hakuba Goryu Iimori Slope ~ rest house hall ~ 2nd floor

Pricing ¥5,500
Attendance We run the tours when at least 4 people apply for the day
(accepting reservations from one person and more)
Requirements Over 12 years of age, weight 40~80kg
※Younger children must be accompanied by an adult

Comfortable clothes, long sleeve T-shirt and long trousers
Please bring gloves with You, even working gloves are OK
Shoes that are easy to run in or trekking shoes with ankle support. Please refrain from tennis shoes as the surface is slippery
Lesson fee and rental fee is included in the price
Separate safety management fee is ¥300 per day
The schedule might change depending on wind conditions
We cannot run the tour uder rain or in strong wind
If the course is cancelled due to bad weather conditions (rain, strong wind) after the beginning of the tour, we cannot refund any money, but will issue a voucher for a substitute lesson
Please make sure to have your insurance card with You in case of an emergency

When flying becomes natural

Follow the instructions

The faster you run, the higher you go!

And You can rise ans high as that!



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