Firefly Tour                    ▶▶▶▶Japanese

Come on board to explore the lake full of fireflies! Only the locals know, that even though hardly seen from the shore, the lake becomes full of shimmering lights at night. Join us on a fantastic venture of watching the fireflies dance on a fine night. The best days to look for fireflies are little cloudy and humid, just after rain, they are more likely to come out than after a dry and sunny day. Genji firefly is mostly seen in July and with coming August, the Heike firefly appears. Let’s capture some of the summer memories hopping by!

●Firefly Tour 1st run, 2nd run 20th of July ~ 12th of August

1st run 2nd run Course schedule
19:30 20:30 Pick up at your accommodation
(Hakuba Village only)
19:45 20:45 Arrival at Aoki Lake・Reception
20:00 21:00 Beginning of the cuise
21:00 22:00 End of the cruise
21:05 22:05 Preparation to get back・Departure from Aoki Lake
21:30 22:30 Return to accommodation・End of the tour

●Firefly Tour Special run 13th~18th of August

Special run Course schedule
20:00 Pick up at your accommodation
(Hakuba Village only)
20:15 Arrival at Aoki Lake・Reception
20:30 Start of the cruise
21:30 End of the cruise
21:35 Preparation to get back・Departure from Aoki Lake
22:00 Return to accommodation・End of the tour

Season 20th of July ~ 12th of August, Special run 13th ~ 20th of August
Meeting place

Hakuba ~ Pick up points in the Hakuba area

Wadano District ~ Hakuba Tokyu Hotel
Happo One District ~ Lion Cafe
Echo Land district ~ Echoland Indoor Center (former Lion office)
Misora ​​Nishi District ~ Laforet Club Hotel Hakuba Happo
Misora ​​Northeast Area ~ Condominium Brownie Parking lot
Goryu District ~ JR Kamisagi Ekimae
Aoki district ~ Aoki Lake base

※If You are inside Hakuba Village, pick-up point will be the gathering place closest to your hotel. We cannot pick up from certain more distant areas. Please inquire for more information
Pricing Adult ~ ¥3,500(12 years and over)
Child ~ ¥3,000 (6 ~ 12 years old)
Attendance We run the tour when at least 4 people apply
(accepting reservations from one person and more)
Requirements Over 6 years old

※Kids between 6 and 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult
The nights in Hakuba can get cold, so please bring along
a long-sleeved T-shirt or a hoodie
During the busy days such as before and after the Bon festival, the pick up point will be set for each district
Pick up times are approximate
Since the pick-up time and place are subject to change, please call us (0261-72-5061) at around 6 pm on day of the tour for confirmation

Fantastic late-night lakeside

The sun sets gently in the depths of the mountains

Leaving the quay

With a bit of luck fireflies will be plentiful



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