Lake Aoki E-Boat Cruising SAKURA       ▶▶▶▶Japanese

‘Limited time only!’ When the sakura trees awake in the spring, there is only a short time where You can admire their pink leaves. Take the chance and join our 10 people boat on an exclusive cruise, ideal for taking pictures and observing the shifting beauty of the spring mountains.

●Sakura E-boat cruise 1st morning run

AM – 1st run Course schedule
8:00 Lake Aoki base
8:10 Course starts
9:20 Course ends
9:30 End of the tour

●Sakura E-boat cruise 2nd morning run

AM – 2nd run Course schedule
9:30 Lake Aoki base
9:40 Course starts
10:50 Course ends
11:00 End of the tour

Season 25th of April ~ 6th of May 2018(※tours end when sakura trees loose all the leaves)
Meeting Place

Lake Aoki base(8:00 and 9:30)

Pricing ¥2,500 per person
Attendance We run the tour If at least 4 people apply
Requirements 4 years and older
※Kids between 4 and 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult
Please refrain from wearing high-heel shoes
The fee includes paddle and life-jacket rental
Reservation at least a day in advance is required

Enjoy exploring the lake..

..the unique views..

..magical reflections in the blue water..

..making the experience truly special